Lots of activities throughout the year!

Trammelant, the impressive Belle Epoque festival, takes you back in time, just like that. And don't miss the authentic giants of Wenduine!

For your children, the beach is a place of adventure and excitement. Of course the parks La Potinière and the Astridpark are also very lovely places. Or do you prefer the Rotonde where they can show off their skate skills?
Throughout the summer there is no end to the fun, there is something to do every day. From street theatre to children's parties.

11 kilometres of beach equals 11 kilometres of walking pleasure. Or try the Heritage Route to explore the Concession, follow the footsteps of Einstein, go for a hike through the dunes with the 'Duinbossenwandelroute' or try the hiking network and create your own trail.
Cyclists can do the same with the cycle route network for the coast or venture into the 'Oude Dijkenfietsroute' to explore De Haan, as well as Vlissegem and Klemskerke.

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