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The concept

On the Flemish Coast Westtoer selected the most attractive and the safest bicycle trails and linked them up into a network. A number of paths and some bicycle bridges were specially made for this cycling route network. The point where two or more routes meet, is called a bicycle junction. In the coastal area Westtoer chose and numbered 75 junctions. With these numbers you can map out your route and plan your ride in advance. The kilometres marked on the map help you get an idea of the distance of your tour.

Starting place

It is advisable to start your bicycle ride at a cycling network access point. Such an access point is easy to reach, free parking is available and a rail or bus connection is usually nearby. An information board helps you get going. Close to an access point you will also often find a café or restaurant , lavatories, and a bicycle hire or repair shop.


All routes within the Flemish Coast cycling route network are signed in both directions. Every junction is marked by a sign bearing the junction number and directions to the closest junctions. Between the numbered junctions small route signs will guide you. Along the main cycling axes such as old railway right-of-ways and canals, you will find target signposts. These fingerposts show you the direction and the distance to lovely villages and picturesque towns.

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