When: From 3 April 2021 until 7 November 2021
Where: De Haan

Exposition ...

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Tasty Belle Epoque

When: From 8 May 2021 until 6 November 2021
Where: Wenduine

Tasty heritage walk ...

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Benediction of the sea

When: On 24 May 2021
Where: Wenduine

The legend is staged in a unique combination of folklore, dance, music and poetry. ...

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Beaufort 2021

When: From 27 May 2021 until 7 November 2021
Where: De Haan

Art Triennial by the Sea ...

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'Vlissegem "in de trek" ' - Vlissegem Festivities

When: From 19 June 2021 until 20 June 2021
Where: Vlissegem

An authentic rural fair with lots of attractions, including one of the largest flea markets in the country.
The Belgian draught horse is the common theme throughout this event. ...

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'Molenfeesten' - Mill Festival

When: On 27 June 2021
Where: Wenduine

Festival around the Hubert Mill and the Geersens Mill. ...

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Tourist Day

When: On 4 July 2021
Where: Vosseslag, Wenduine, De Haan

We welcome all tourists in De Haan, Wenduine and Vosseslag! ...

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Engie Parkies

When: From 6 July 2021 until 24 August 2021
Where: De Haan

Music in La Potinière ...

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Coq Rock

When: On 10 July 2021
Where: Vosseslag

Rock-Metal Festival ...

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'Reuzenfeesten' - Giants Festival

When: From 10 July 2021 until 11 July 2021
Where: Wenduine

A two-day folklore festival with a nod to the fisheries. ...

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