Benediction of the sea


On 1 June 2020


Wenduine - Centre
8420 Wenduine
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Long after a storm had flooded the Old Wenduine, fishermen from Blankenberge pulled a large cross from the sea. They brought the cross to the beach and planted it into the sand. When they came back the next morning, the cross had disappeared.

Some time later the fishermen went on the same fishing grounds and again they brought up the cross. The fishermen realized that this was the place where once stood the church of Old Wenduine. In a festive procession and in the presence of thousands of people they brought the cross to the new church of Wenduine.

On Whit Monday this legend is performed by a combination of folklore, dance, music and poetry.
The colorful event will conclude with the benediction of the sea.
After this benediction, with replicas of old fishing boats participating, the Holy Cross is brought to the church in a triumphal procession.
A tradition that holds for over two hundred years.

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