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Tourism office Wenduine
Leopold II-laan
8420 Wenduine
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From the tourist office of Wenduine we head off in the direction of the promenade, where we turn westwards, until we reach the Rotonde. We walk along the Rotonde and then reach the Westdijk at the foot of the sand dunes. Fifty metres before the chalet 'Westhinder', we turn left and take the concrete path, which leads to the Koninklijke Baan. We turn left and a few meters further we cross the Koninklijke Baan and enter the Congolaan. This road takes us through the dunes, across the road N34y and onto another woodland path, the Konijnendreef. We turn onto the Wenduinestraat, which we follow. We then take the third street on the right - the Duinenweg. Eventually, we come to the Brugsesteenweg via the 'Sanders Manege'. Crossing this road carefully, we walk along the cycle path in the direction of Wenduine.

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