In the wake of Einstein

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Tourisme office De Haan
8420 De Haan
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A vast sandy beach (11 km - the second longest beach at the Belgian Coast), 157 ha of woodland and a 9 km line of dunes dominate its coastline. Add to this a hinterland of some 3000 ha of polder land and you get a wide range of opportunities for both walkers and cyclists.

Idyllic is probably the best way to describe De Haan!
Apart from its woodland, beach and dunes, De Haan can offer you something else as well: an elegant, historic residential area named the 'Concession'.
You will find there no high-rise buildings along dead-straight streets, but villas along little lanes winding through a rolling green dune scenery.

Explore this beautiful piece of architectural legacy by walking 'In the wake of Einstein'.

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