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Tourism office Wenduine
Leopold II-laan
8420 Wenduine
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Leaving the tourist office of Wenduine, we walk through the Kerkstraat (passing the church), until we arrive at the Ringlaan and cross it. We follow the Brugsesteenweg for 800 m towards the cemetery. We turn onto the Uitkerkestraat. After 1800 m we arrive at the pump engine house. A little path on the west side of this pump engine house leads us to an observation platform, set up by the non-profit organisation 'Natuurpunt'. We have a beautiful sight over the low moist grasslands of the nature reserve 'Uitkerkse Polder'. In the winter we can observe thousands of winter visitors. In the spring however, there are plenty of other birds such as the lapwing and the and the blacktailed godwit. We pass the observation platform and in front of us lies the Neptunuslaan, which leads to the campsite at Harendijke. We, however, turn right onto the Drijfstraat. At the crossing with the Koeistraat, we take the left turning onto the Scharebrugstraat. We are now following a part of the 'Gentele' bicycle route. Passing the farm 'Blauwe Duivekeet', we continue to the Scharebrugstraat, turning left at the junction with the Kuiperscheeweg. If we had followed the Kuiperscheeweg, we would have seen on our right side a bird observation tower. However, we continue the Scharebrugstraat and find on our left side the hide 'De Wulp'. Just have a look! Leaving a charming wayside chapel behind us, we enter the town of Blankenberge. Via the Kemmelbergstraat, the J. Soetestraat and the Grote Edestraat, we come to the Koninklijke Baan (with the shoe shop Brantano). We cross this busy street and go up ten stairs, that brings us onto the sea wall at the Spuikom. We move left along the Spuikom, until we reach the harbour basin. A 4 km walk along the beach, finally brings us back to Wenduine.

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