Geersens mill

In the polder village of Klemskerke, the Geersens mill towers above the expansive flat landscape in all its glory.

The post mill has a long history. It is first mentioned in 1571 on the Great Map of the Brugse Vrije by Pieter Pourbus. A new wooden post mill on four brick piers was erected in 1693 under the name Zuidmolen, later also known as Lievensmolen and Dorpsmolen. From 1864 to 1993, this mill was owned by the Geersens miller family, who gave it their name.

In 1948, the mill was protected as a monument and remained active after a thorough restoration in 1960 until 1979. After being taken over by the municipality in 1993, a restoration was carried out to make the mill operational again, and it was moved a hundred meters southeast of the original mill site. The current mill is an exact replica of the original mill.