Parking is free of charge in De Haan. 

In the parking disc zone (blue zone), a parking disc is mandatory. This re-usable disc permits you free parking for 1 hour.

If you park longer than permitted, park without a disc or if you alter the time displayed on the disc without moving your vehicle, a fine of € 30,00 will be charged.

Blue Zone


  • Stationsstraat
  • market square along Driftweg
  • on the market square in Markstraat
  • Nieuwstraat (north side) from the corner of Stationsstraat till the corner of Monicastraat
  • Monicastraat: 5 parking spaces on south side of Saint-Monica curch
  • Markstraat (north side)
  • Koninklijke Baan (N34) in front of 'Zee-Linde', 25m approx.
  • Leopoldplein: 4 parking spaces in front of house number 9 and 11



  • Kerkstraat, between house number 74-76/77 (Heldenplein) until the corner of de Smet de Naeyerlaan and Leopold II-laan
  • Delacenseriestraat, between Kerkstraat and Zuidstraat
  • Langestraat, between Kerkstraat and Jan Devosstraat
  • Oostlaan, between Kerkstraat and Leopold Brionstraat
  • Pauwaertstraat, between Kerkstraat and Zuidstraat
  • Zuidstraat, between Delacenseriestraat and Pauwaertstraat

TEMPORARY DISC ZONE - from the 1st saturday of the Easter holiday till September 30th:

  • Leopold II-laan, between Kerkstraat and Van Molstraat
  • de Smet de Naeyerlaan, between Kerkstraat and Leopold Brionstraat
  • Delacenseriestraat, between Zuidstraat and Leopold II laan
  • Graaf Jansdijk
  • south side of Zeedijk-Wenduine, between Demeyhelling and Manitobahelling, only when traffic on Zeedijk-Wenduine is permitted
  • Manitobahelling
  • Van Gansberghehelling