Beach & sea

Guarded bathing and swimming areas

green flagBathing and swimming allowed.





yellow flagBathing and swimming dangerous: do not take inflatable/floating objects into the water!





red flagBathing and swimming prohibited.





Bathing and swimming is only allowed in the guarded areas along the beach. Lifeguard services are on the lookout every weekend from June 1st till June 15th and every day from June 16th till August 31st, from 10.30 am till 6.30 pm.

Please mind the following warnings:

  • Only bathe and swim in guarded areas, NEVER in unguarded areas.
  • NEVER let children bathe or swim unsupervised.
  • In case of severe surf, never go further into the water than up to the hips.
  • In case of wind blowing off-land or yellow flag, never go further into the water than up to the waist and NEVER use inflatable mattresses etc.

guarded bathing areaunguarded bathing area







First Aid posts

DE HAAN - CENTRE: 059 23 39 00

VOSSESLAG: 059 23 67 30

WENDUINE: 050 41 23 96

Lifeguard service

Head lifeguard:
Thierry Van Rijswijck - 050 41 46 43 - 0473 23 01 05


Orientation bracelets


Using the free orientation bracelets (available at lifeguard posts, first aid posts and the tourist office), a child that is lost will be right back where it came from. The bracelets provide space to write the name of the little beach visitor and the mobile number of the parent by using a simple pen.


A beach accessible to everyone

In July and August, disabled people can freely get a special beach wheelchair in the first aid posts on the beaches of De Haan, Wenduine and Vosseslag.


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