The Heide Chapel Vosseslag

In 1938, the Sisters of Ardooie bought a piece of land on 'd'Heie' to build a school in Klemskerke. From 1942 to 1955, Sunday Mass was celebrated in two classrooms, which had to be rearranged weekly for this purpose.

In 1954, the construction of the current chapel with a house began. The chapel was a temporary solution as they hoped to later build a proper church.

The chapel was designed to also serve as a parish hall. For this purpose, there is a raised area at the main entrance and above it, a 'balcony' for performances.

The chapel was constructed with a combination of concrete skeleton and coastal bricks. The roof structure made of prefabricated concrete elements with hollow cassettes is remarkable.

The overall appearance of the chapel and house resembles the typical houses built along the coast in the 1950s.